About IQ Radiology

Our Vision

IQ Radiology has a dedicated commitment to strive for Excellence in Diagnostics. Our values drive how we behave and act, collectively and individually and how we achieve this.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality medical imaging service in a caring, compassionate and sensitive manner, with an absolute commitment to patient care as our first priority, to achieve the best health outcome for every patient.


We actively strive to be the industry leader in innovation. We invest in new technology and science to improve patient health outcomes.

We embrace challenges, as well as continuous improvement and change. Whatever the problem, we pursue creative solutions.

Improving health outcomes

IQ Radiology is dedicated to improving health outcomes in the community across the Queensland region through our high quality portfolio of diagnostic imaging services. The Imaging Queensland network comprises practices from Central Queensland (Central Queensland Radiology) through to the Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast Radiology) and down to Brisbane (IQ Radiology).

Fully Comprehensive Services

At IQ Radiology we provide fully comprehensive services across our practices, including clinical specialisation in areas such as advanced women’s imaging, cardiac imaging, breast imaging, image-guided pain management and occupational imaging for worker’s compensation. In this capacity, we are endorsed by Lungscreen Australia.

Quality Imaging & diagnostics

IQ Radiology has a practice in Deception Bay. The Imaging Queensland Network began in 2007 and has experienced significant growth, with over 22 practices throughout Queensland. Imaging Queensland is widely recognised and respected throughout Australia for quality imaging, comprehensive services, highly trained Radiologists, advanced diagnostics and patient care.