​Imaging children is very different to imaging adults. It is important for children not to be exposed to the same amount of X-rays as an adult. IQ Radiology always takes care to reduce the radiation exposure, and to use ultrasound and MRI where possible in place of examinations which use ionising radiation when we are imaging a child patient.

Sometimes imaging can be emotionally daunting for your child, so our friendly staff will be as helpful as possible in explaining the examination and the experience to you and your child prior to commencement of the examination. Many people are unaware that ionising radiation is actually found around us all the time – in the soil, the air, plants, buildings etc. This is called background radiation. Staff at IQ Radiology will ensure that Medical imaging dose is kept as low as reasonably achievable and will only represent a very small fraction of our lifetime exposure to background radiation.

It is important to understand that different Imaging machines work differently.


Invisible beams of ionising radiation.

CT Scans

Beams of ionising radiation from a source rotated around the body.


Uses non-ionising radiation. MRI uses magnetic fields and radio-frequency waves to excite hydrogen protons within body tissues to produce faint radio signals.


Uses sound waves that bounce of different structure and return a signal to the ultrasound probe to create an image.